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OnStage Boston's R. J. Donovan
previously wrote Digital City Boston's "Theater Guy" column.

Links to a selection of those archived columns are listed below.

(09/16/01) SHOW MUSIC: The Musical Theatre Magazine here

(09/05/01) "Cookin'" Review here

(08/21/01) "Mamma Mia" Review here

(08/15/01) Cirque du Soleil's "Dralion" Review here

(08/02/01) News on "The Baker's Wife" in concert, "Naked Boys Singing," "The Car Man," "The Producers" and more here

(07/08/01) Highlights & Footnotes: Lyric Stage's New Season, "Inspector Hound," "Cookin'," "Proof," John Leguizamo and more here

(06/20/01) "A Thousand Clowns" Review here

(06/16/01) New on CD: Liz Callaway, Jason Graae, Guy Haines and Ted Keegan here

(06/12/01) "Saturday Night" Review here

(06/07/01) "Ragtime" Review here

(05/30/01) "Swing" Review here

(05/23/01) "The Amen Corner" Review here

(05/15/01) The Elliot Norton Awards here

(05/7/01) Highlights & Footnotes: Tom Selleck, "Swing!," Cirque du Soleil, "Cinderella," The Tonys and more here

(04/26/01) "Curse of the Bambino" Review here

(04/18/01) "Leader of the Pack" Review here

(04/12/01) "Les Miserables" Review here

(04/08/01) Big Apple Circus Review here

(04/05/01) "Sing-A-Long Sound of Music" Review here

(04/03/01) "Emerald City" Review here

(03/27/01) "Snakebit" Review here

(03/21/01) "The Vagina Monologues" Review here

(03/19/01) "Over The River And Through The Woods" Review here

(03/12/01) Highlights & Footnotes: Broadway in Boston 2001, "Rent," "Hal Holbrook Tonight," "Spring Revels" and more here

(03/01/01) Highlights & Footnotes: Women On Top Festival, "Hamlet," The Big Apple Circus, John Kuntz and more here

(02/21/01) "Dame Edna: The Royal Tour" Review here

(02/14/01) "Penn & Teller" Review here

(02/13/01) "No Way To Treat A Lady" Review here

(02/07/01) "The Belle of Amherst" Review here

(02/06/01) The Flying Karamazov Brothers in "L'Universe" Review here

(02/04/01) "Floyd Collins" Review here

(01/30/01) New on CD: John McDaniel, "Godspell" & Stephen Schwartz here

(01/20/01) "The Phantom of the Opera" Review here

(01/09/01) "Complete History of America (abridged)" Review here

(01/03/01) "Hedda Gabler" Review here

(12/30/00) "Highlights & Footnotes" -- "Gumboots," "Phantom," "Hedda Gabbler," Dame Edna, "Les Miz" and more here

(12/20/00) "Godspell" Review here

(12/6/00) "Fully Committed" Review here

(12/5/00) "Inspecting Carol" Review here

(11/30/00) "Death Of A Salesman" Review here

(11/19/00) "Stonewall Jackson's House" Review here

(11/13/00) "Songs For A New World" Review here

(11/8/00) "Dinner With Friends" Review here

(11/2/00) "Annie Get Your Gun" Review here

(10/28/00) Fynsworth Alley here

(10/19/00) "Highlights & Footnotes" -- "A...My Name," "A Fair Country," "Dinner With Friends," "Godspell," Chita Rivera and more here

(10/11/00) "Tallulah" Review here

(10/9/00) "Fuddy Meers" Review here

(9/30/00) "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" Review here

(9/20/00) "Copacabana" Review here

(9/18/00) "Side Man" Review here

(9/14/00) "Dead End" Review here

(9/06/00) "Seussical" Review here

(8/31/00) "Highlights & Footnotes" -- Lyric Stage, The Huntington, "Mamma Mia," Charles Dickens and more here

(8/23/00) "BLAST!" Review here

(8/14/00) "Highlights & Footnotes" -- "Seussical," "BLAST!," "I Love You, You're Perfect" and more here

(8/6/00) "GYPSY" Review here

(8/2/00) "The Scarlet Pimpernel" Review here

(7/20/00) "Highlights & Footnotes" -- "Gypsy," "Peter Pan," "Say Yes!," "Forbidden Broadway" and more here

(7/13/00) "Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber" Review here

(7/05/00) "Highlights & Footnotes" -- "Seussical" Casting, "Annie Get Your Gun," Manilow's "Copacabana" and more here

(6/29/00) Marcel Marceau Review here

(6/17/00) "H O N K !" Review here

(6/12/00) The Elliot Norton Awards here

(6/8/00) "Miss Saigon" Review here

(6/3/00) "The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told" Review here

(6/3/00) "Stupid Kids" Review here

(5/29/00) "Highlights & Footnotes" -- "HONK!," Marcel Marceau, Shakespeare on The Common, "Little Women" and more here

(5/24/00) "Macbeth" Review here

(5/17/00) "Highlights & Footnotes" -- Kelsey Grammer, The Lyric Stage, Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Norton Awards and more here

(5/10/00) Nicholas Martin at The Huntington Theatre Company here

(4/26/00) "The World Goes Round" Review here

(4/16/00) "The Dying Gaul" Review here

(4/13/00) Linda Eder In Concert Review here

(4/05/00) "The Big Apple Circus" Review here

(4/02/00) "The Ohio State Murders" Review here

(3/29/00) "Highlights & Footnotes" -- Broadway in Boston, Savion Glover, Liza Minnelli, Angela Lansbury and more here

(3/19/00) "The Judas Kiss" Review here

(3/12/00) "Taller Than A Dwarf" Review here

(3/8/00) "ART" Review here

(2/16/00) "Communicating Doors" Review here

(2/8/00) "Starf*ckers" Review here

(2/3/00) "Loot" Review here

(2/2/00) "Wit" Review here

(1/27/00) "Fosse" Review here

(1/20/00) "Shear Madness" at 20 here

(1/12/00) "Sunset Boulevard" Review here

(1/5/00) "Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" Review here

(12/17/99) "Footloose" Review here

(12/15/99) "Idiots Karamazov" Review here

(12/8/99) "Buddy" Review here

(11/23/99) "Stomp" Review here

(11/17/99) "Waiting In The Wings" Review here

(11/6/99) "A Couple of Blaguards" Review here

(10/30/99) "Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know" Review here

(10/23/99) "The Sound of Music" Review here

(10/15/99) "A New Brain" Review here

(10/8/99) "Hedwig And The Angry Inch" Review here

(10/04/99) Highlights & Footnotes:"Secrets," "A New Brain," Late Night at The Lyric, "Blaguards" and more here

(9/29/99) "Jekyll & Hyde" Review here

(9/24/99) "Mornings At Seven" Review here

(9/18/99) "Mrs. Warren's Profession" Review here

(9/11/99) "Theater Talk" on WGBH here

(9/3/99) King Richard's Faire here

(8/28/99) Highlights & Footnotes:
"Spider Woman" "Mrs. Warren," "Party," "Hedwig" and more here

(8/21/99) Theater Guy Trivia here

(8/14/99) "Nine" Review here

(8/07/99) Theater Web Sites here

(7/31/99) Highlights & Footnotes:
"The Sound of Music," Lauren Bacall, "Theater Talk" and more here

(7/24/99)"Evita" review here

(7/10/99) "FAME: The Musical" review here

(7/03/99) Highlights & Footnotes:
"Evita," "Ten Naked Men," The Provincetown Rep and more here

(6/25/99) "Fame" preview with David De Silva here

(6/19/99) "Rent" review here

(6/15/99) The 1999 Elliot Norton Awards here

(6/12/99) "Titanic" review here

(6/1/99) "The Mikado" review here

(5/22/99) Highlights & Footnotes:
The Tony Awards, The Elliot Norton Awards, "Fame" and more here

(5/15/99) "Cabaret" review here

(5/6/99) "The Gin Game" review here

(5/1/99) "Chicago" review here

(4/25/99) "Three Days of Rain" review here

(4/25/99) Theater Guy's Comical Casting Contest here

(4/18/99) "Tommy" review here

(4/18/99) An Anthony Newley Remembrance here

(4/11/99) A Theater Guy Double-Header here

(4/11/99) "Big Apple Circus" review here

(4/11/99) "Charlie in The House of Rue" review here

(4/4/99) Highlights & Footnotes:
"When Pigs Fly," "Sea Revels," Linda Eder, "The Lion King" and more here

(3/27/99) "Never The Sinner" review here

(3/21/99) "Steward of Christendom" review here

(3/19/99) The Oscars: A Theater Guy Commentary here

(3/14/99) "A Sign of The Times: Celebrating The Emerson Majestic"here

(3/7/99) Highlights & Footnotes:
Big Apple Circus, The New Rep, "Never The Sinner" and more here

(3/1/99) Highlights & Footnotes:
"Cabaret" Casting, "Two Pianos," "The Gin Game" and more here

"The Baltimore Waltz"" review

(2/15/99) "Side Show" preview here

(2/7/99) "Triumph of Love" review here

(1/30/99) "Wizard of Oz" review here

(1/22/99) "Ragtime" review here

(1/15/99) "Full Gallop" review here

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